Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

T-72 Modernization series

This is a final version, but I haven't decided to publish (upload) it...

This is modification of T-72 tank by Alexsergeev. I fixed its size, because the original tank hull was too large & too wide. I also added many things to the tank. You can download the original tank in Trainsforgta: http://trainsforgta.net/ruzone/rudownloads.php?comments_id=121 (you must register first before you can download mods there).

These tanks inspired me to make this mod:
T-72 (plus ERA) - inspiration for T-72R
M95 Degman - box plates on T-72R2's side hull & add-on armor on Type 45B's turret
T-84 Yatagan - ERA on T-72R2's turret & turret bustle of all tanks
T-72M2 - ERA on T-72R's turret

Credits to Alexsergeev, owner of original T-72 mod.

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  1. what about your military train? it was cool and that's bad you didnt finish it

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