GTA Military Mods

Here is my military mods for GTA San Andreas

Patriot Mk.II TNI AD

Original SA Patriot (Humvee look-alike) modified with some new things. It has M2HB machine gun mounted on it but unfortunately we can't use it...
The Patriot now has TNI AD (Indonesian Army) camouflage pattern, has TNI AD markings on its body.
Download link:

22ndTG Custom Weapons Pack 05

Left: A different design by me of OTs-14 Groza. Called SturmGewehr (STG) 14 Groza II 5,56 version.
1. STG-14S(R) Groza II Silenced - silenced replacement
2. STG-14G(R) Groza II Grenade Launcher- m4 replacement
3. STG-14(R) Groza - ak47 replacement

Right: Original bullpup firearm design, 4 variants
1. STG-98(H) Assault Rifle - ak47 replacement
2. STG-98K(H) Compact Assault Rifle - micro_uzi replacement
3. SSG-98(H) Sniper Rifle (10-rounds magazine, semiautomatic)
4. SSG-98C(H) Civillian Sporting Rifle (no scope, 5-rounds magazine, semiautomatic)
Download link:

22ndTG Custom Weapons Pack 04

1. PB Kriss SV (dual mode) - from MMOFPS Point Blank Online
    Author: Zepetto Inc.
    Conversion: Skript
    Fix & modify: 22ndTG
    Replace TEC9

2. PB AK SOPMOD - from MMOFPS Point Blank Online
    Author: Zepetto Inc.
    Conversion: Skript
    Fix & modify: 22ndTG
    Replace AK47

3. Kriss SV
    Author: [SAK]KING_OF_SA
    Fix & modify: 22ndTG
    Replace MICRO_UZI

4. H&K G36C - from Battlefield 2
    4.1 G36C Custom Accesories 1
    4.2 G36C Custom Accesories 2
    Author: EA Games
    Conversion: Deep Ice
    Fix & modify: 22ndTG
    Replace MP5LNG

5. Pindad SS1 R5 Raider
    Author: 22ndTG
    Conversion: 22ndTG
    Replace M4
Download link:

22ndTG Custom Weapons Pack III

22ndTG Custom Weapons Pack III for GTA San Andreas
This pack contains 6 weapons, in 2 folders (see picture, from above to bottom):

Kalashnikov Custom Weapons:
  • AKS-74SPK - AKS-74 Special Edition, carbine version
  • AKS-74SPS - AKS-74 Special Edition, with grenade launcher
  • SVK-74N - [Snaiperskaya Vintovka Kalashnikova] Dragunov look-alike modified AK-74 for sniping purpose
PMD C75 Series
  • PMD C75A1 - Basic version of C75 series. Equipped with front grip and reflex scope
  • PMD C75A2 - Compact version. Equipped with front grip, flashlight and EOTech 552 reflex sight
  • PMD C75A3 - Basic version chambered for 5.45x39mm. Uses AK-74 magazine. Equipped with ITL Mars reflex sight

Weapon mods for GTA San Andreas by me:
22ndTG Custom Weapons Pack Download:

22ndTG Custom Weapons Pack II

Mesa Army Version
This is a modified original SA Mesa. Inspired from Willys MB Jeep in World War II (US Army).
It has M2HB machine gun, AK-47, ammo box, etc.There are 5 versions, see picture below:


M2A3 Rhino MBT
Improved version of the original rhino, featuring:
  • Upgraded turret with tank machine gun and new cannon
  • Upgraded hull
  • Rhino now no longer use wheels. It now use tracks just like normal tanks.
Type 140 MBT, or simply TT-140. Special MBT with double 125mm cannon. Inspired by M61A5 / Type 61 MBT from Gundam MS IgLoo 2 Gravity Front.
This is a new helicopter that you've never seen before. This helicopter replaces Hunter and uses contra-rotating rotors system.There are some minor bugs. But if you replace Raindance with this, there is no bug at all.

FH-27 Morgan Utility Helicopter
This is my 2nd helicopter mod. (HR Type 57 is the first). Inspired by Russian Kamov helicopters that usually use contra-rotating co-axial rotor system.

AWACS E-500 AT-400
This is the military / AWACS version of AT-400 with 4 new engines. Passenger windows are removed. Added some new things on the plane's body.

AWACS E-92-200 Andromada
Union Air Force E-92 AWACS Andromada [ILT-2162]. This is the military / AWACS version of Andromada with 8 new engines.

Snow Camo Army & SWAT
When i download snow mods and use it in my GTASA, I feel strange that the Armies and SWATs doesn't fit with snowy background. So I make this mod.