Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

MT-92D Main Battle Tank

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS...!!! This is my new year present for you all:

Mix of Russian design & Western design tank.
I 'refurbished' & 'overhauled' the old SA Rhino chassis (hull) to resemble Russian T-series tanks.
I also remove old SA Rhino turret & replaced it with new scratch-made turret, plus reactive armor attached on its hull & turret.
There are also 4 additional skins (click image for larger view):

1. Jungle 1
2. Jungle 2
3. Desert 2 (desert 1 is on the main link)
4. Snow (recommended for player who use snow SA mods)

Download links:
Additional skins:

Don't be a loser by stealing my mods, OK? Always ask me first before publish my mods outside my blog.

Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

[WIP] Tank (the name is not decided yet)

Mix of Western design (boxy turret, roadwheels, tracks) and Russian design (Reactive armors in chassis & turret, active protection system, MGs).
Believe or not, this was originally SA Rhino (look at the rear view).