GTA Non-military mods

Here is my non-military mods for GTA San Andreas

Mesa Four-Door Offroad Ver 1.0
Modified original SA Mesa, with elongated body and new passenger doors. Now this car can carry 2 more passengers. New front bumper, new wheels & new handling.

Tall Bike
Inspired by a real-life tall bike, I made this mod.
One day, there is a fun bike event in my town. There was a man riding an odd-looking bike in that event. His bike was tall. Fortunately, I have a chance to photographed him and his bike.
Now, the Tall Bike is in SA!

DFT Oil Truck, Waste and Sh*t Truck (Truk tangki minyak, limbah & SEDOT TINJA)
This is new variant of DFT-30, called DFT Oil & Waste truck.
it includes 3 new skins:
1. DFT Oil Truck (Agen Minyak Tanah) - a common oil truck in Indonesia
2. DFT Waste Truck 1 (Sedot Tinja) - a truck used to clean up septic tanks in Indonesia
3. DFT Waste Truck 2 - just a waste truck

Indonesian Money (Rp 100.000)
This is Indonesian money by 22ndTG
It has pictures of Sukarno and Muhammad Hatta (Indonesia's 1st President & 1st Vice President)

Touhou GTA San Andreas loading screen
An anime theme loadscreen about Touhou GTA San Andreas. You can found many videos about Touhou GTA SA in Youtube.
You also can found many other Touhou Mods in many Japanese blog. Usually player/ped mods, but sometimes you can found amazing CLEO mods there.

Airbus A380 Garuda Indonesia
Airbus A380
Model By Ken7394
Converted by Aboodilatif

Skin by 22ndTG
This is an Indonesian Airlines, Garuda Indonesia

Thanks to: the original owner and all who helped him