Super Modified GTA IV Cars to SA

Sultan RS Polisi Indonesia

GTA IV Sultan RS Indonesian Police Edition, for replacement of San Fierro Police Cars.
Special Edition for Indonesia's 65th Independence Anniversary, 17/8/1945 - 17/8/2010.
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Sultan RS Special Edition

This is a new GTA IV car converted to SA. This time is Sultan RS. Not only converted, but also modified. There are 3 new versions of converted IV Sultan RS. From top to bottom:
  1. Sultan RS Custom Paintjob Edition: A Sultan RS modified for paintjob use. There are 2 versions of this type: One with carbon hood and the other one with normal hood. Both cars have scissor doors. Three different spoilers as extra parts (appears randomly).
  2. Sultan RS 4-Door Edition: A mix of normal Sultan and the Sultan RS, the 4-door Sultan RS. This car has 3 different spoilers as extra parts (appears randomly).
  3. Sultan RS Police Edition: Sultan RS modified to police car with new police livery. Its color scheme reminds us to TBOGT Police Stinger.
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