Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

[WIP] Viorette Eterna

Made from SA Elegy..... believe it or not...
Still have some things to fix.

Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

Viorette Arc SE

Original car... inspired from some Japanese & European cars

Rear view, the fictional brand & plat nomer kota Kediri tercinta....

Some stuff inside...

Do not steal!
Only LOSER who dare to stole others' mods.
Always ask me first before publish this mod on other sites. At least give a credit & keep the original readme in the archive.

Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

[WIP] MLRS Truck

New truck project, this is SA Barracks modified to resemble Ural 4320, BM-21 launcher platform. This works with CLEO script that used in my old Rocket Launcher Truck.