WIP Mods

Here is some of my WIP mods. Some mods has been tested, but some hasn't been tested.

Radar Truck & 6x6 APC
Original SA DFT-30 modified with new wheels,  shortened body, a box for flat bed replacement, and TNI AD camouflage pattern. It also has radar attached.
Original SA SWAT Van modified to military APC. It has new turret, new 6x6 wheels, and TNI AD camouflage pattern.
Same with the Patriot Mk.II, I also planned to attach TNI AD logo to these two vehicles.
UPDATE: Radar Truck
The Radar Truck now has 8 wheels & wheels are enlarged. Still working on white part in the back windows.
Many parts added on the APC, smaller wheels (the old wheels are too big), fixed some body parts where CJ's legs popped out from vehicle's body.

TT-155K Main Battle Tank
Another tank mod for GTA SA. This is my 3rd tank mod. The others are M2A3 Rhino & Type-140 MBT (both uploaded on gtagarage.com).
Same as Type-140, this tank inspired from M61A5 Type 61 MBT from Gundam MS IgLoo. This tank is still need more & more improvement.
Look at the tank's shadow... LOL

Pindad SS1-R5 Raider 
The SS1-R5 Raider is one of weapon made by Pindad, especially built for TNI AD's Batallion Raider for close combat.  It is a variant of Pindad SS1 (Indonesian licensed built FN FNC).
Now, that rifle is in GTA SA. Here is the WIP picture, in ZModeler:
It has been tested and worked in-game (mp5lng replacement). I will upload soon.

Skoda Superb KAI
This car originally made by JVT. All credits goes to him. I edited some parts:
  • The car now 2-doors car
  • scissor doors (still work on it)
  • new license plate (still planned)
  • carbon hood
  • 3 spoilers as extra parts
  • new wheels
  • new handling.
If you want this car, e-mail me. I won't upload this car to any GTA mod websites since this mod is not mine.
E-mail: erne_ii_kai@yahoo.co.id