Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Repost: My Weapon Packs

I reposted my weapon packs, so you can easily find them, except my 1st & 2nd old packs.

22ndTG Custom Weapons Pack III
  • AKS-74SPK - AKS-74 Special Edition, carbine version (sorry about texture bug on the pic... there is no problem in game)
  • AKS-74SPS - AKS-74 Special Edition, with grenade launcher
  • SVK-74N - [Snaiperskaya Vintovka Kalashnikova] Dragunov look-alike modified AK-74 for sniping purpose
  • PMD C75A1 - Basic version of C75 series. Equipped with front grip and reflex scope
  • PMD C75A2 - Compact version. Equipped with front grip, flashlight and EOTech 552 reflex sight
  • PMD C75A3 - Basic version chambered for 5.45x39mm. Uses AK-74 magazine. Equipped with ITL Mars reflex sight

22ndTG Custom Weapons Pack 04
For details see readme. The weapons' names are already written in the picture.
Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?9j444vfrbba4r16

22ndTG Custom Weapons Pack 05

Left: A different design by me of OTs-14 Groza. Called SturmGewehr (STG) 14 Groza II 5,56 version.
1. STG-14S(R) Groza II Silenced - silenced replacement
2. STG-14G(R) Groza II Grenade Launcher- m4 replacement
3. STG-14(R) Groza - ak47 replacement

Right: Original bullpup firearm design, 4 variants
1. STG-98(H) Assault Rifle - ak47 replacement
2. STG-98K(H) Compact Assault Rifle - micro_uzi replacement
3. SSG-98(H) Sniper Rifle (10-rounds magazine, semiautomatic)
4. SSG-98C(H) Civillian Sporting Rifle (no scope, 5-rounds magazine, semiautomatic)

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  1. Hi, gta estril_02 mexico city, and wanted to know if you could give me permission to modify some of your mods and post them on my blog (http://gtamexicocity.blogspot.com/), of course with credits to the creator, any my email is estril_02@hotmail.com doubt

  2. Bisa bikin F2000 yg kayak di PB kk?