Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010


Attention to people who visited my blog.
I'm aware that there are some blogs & sites that published mods from many authors, without permission from the original authors.

My friend Gunqwn, his mod 'Madagascar car' was stolen by some asshole and now published at gtasaex.com. Tatsuya Shima (also my friend), some of his car mods were stolen but I forgot which sites that contains stolen mods from him.

So please read this:
If I found my mods published in other blogs & sites without including my name, 22ndTG, or without permission from me, I will stop release my new mods here and on GTAGarage.
If I found my mods stolen I will only release my mods to my fellow Indonesian people.

3 komentar:

  1. I wanna edit a one of your mods my man and add to my page gtavenezueladr.blogspot.com and publish to you like the author and me like the editor and what you think about it??

  2. KK klau misalkan ada yg COPAS dari blog KK ini, apa yg akan dilakukan KK...