Selasa, 30 November 2010

Just download from here is enough

Attention to those who visited my blog:
If you want to publish my mods to your blog / site, you must link to my blog. Do not reupload my files to file hosting sites. Just download from here is enough.

If you can download file here, why you reupload my files to another file hosting sites?
If one is enough, why you want two?

Remember, do not upload my files to your mediafire account, 4shared, megaupload, etc. JUST DOWNLOAD FROM HERE.
Don't treat my mods as if it were yours or created by you.

6 komentar:

  1. Sorry my bad english in my last comment. If you allow me to speak Indonesian, I would feel very happy because I know that you are a Indonesian people too and I easily comment your mod on this blog. I hope you can understand what I mean, thank you for your attention.

  2. Ya GPP pake bhs Indonesia aja, kan sama-sama org Indonesia.

  3. terima kasih KK...
    klau masalah repost modnya bagaimana kasi "Credit" pencipta modnya aja KK, gimana ??

  4. iya, kalo belum sempat minta ijin yg punya mod, minimal dikasih credit trus dikasih link ini mod dapatnya dari mana

  5. ok, silahkan KK kunjungi ke blog saya dan liat udh bener blm saya kasi Creditnya...

  6. dan jangan lupa, follow & tekan Like Facebook di Blog gw ya KK ...