Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

Soviet BTR-60 + 2 extra variants

BTR-60 (Бронетранспортер 60) [ENG: Armored Transporter 60] is well known used by Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact, as well as other countries.
I have 3 variants of BTR-60 for GTA SA. Only one variant is real, one possibly exists, one is fictional (although based on the real variant).

1. BTR-60 (common type):
This is the real BTR-60. With Sovetskaya Gvardiya (USSR Guards Unit) markings. Use this to replace Barracks.
2. BTR-60BT (my variant #1):
This is possibly exists in real-life. No turret, but armed with Browning M2HB. Use this to replace Enforcer.
3. BTR-60FSV (my variant #2):
FSV stands for Fire Support Vehicle. This variant is fictional, but inspired by Cuban Army BTR-60 modified with tank gun.
Note: This BTR-60FSV is a tribute to Sora No Woto anime series. It has turret number 1121 and 1121st Platoon markings (picture of an owl in a shield), featured in the anime. Use this to replace Swat Tank.

Download link on GTAGarage: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=12807

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